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Our Mission Schooner Adventure

The object of the Association is to foster, promote and encourage the enjoyment, traditions, and preservation of schooners by supporting individuals and organizations that are in sympathy with our object, by maintaining a record of these vessels past and present, and by coordinating a program of racing and cruising.


The American Schooner Association, founded in 1972, is a national organization whose members are owners of schooners, sailors and other individuals and organizations interested in preserving and promoting the virtues of the schooner rig. Membership is granted to all applicants in sympathy with the purposes of the Association. The Association produces a Newsletter titled Wing & Wing for all members and holds its annual meeting at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic, Connecticut, usually around the first week in February. Our membership is actively engaged in building, restoring and sailing these wonderful vessels. We encourage all individuals with similar interests to join us and help us grow (click here to join by mail or use our secure online payment system).

Gulf of Maine Chapter Officer Elections

The Gulf of Maine Chapter of the Association held meetings at Portland, ME during the Maine Boat Builders Show. Voting held during the meeting resulted in the acceptance and installation of the following slate of officers for the GOM chapter:

Commodore: Don Zappone; Schooner Gallant
Vice Commodore: Captain Perry Davis; Schooner Alert

Maine Boatbuilder's Show this weekend

This is the show that has everthing.  If you can't find it there you don't need it. 

Some may recall that we deployed a task force at last year's show; the mission was to find a "Ten Year Varnish," Here's Peter Thompson with a top contender. 

Secretary's Monthly Update Email - March

I started writing this email a couple of days ago. The weather was horrible here at home about an hour north of Philadelphia. Freezing rain and sleet. A good day to be indoors. Also a good day to remind myself that spring is only a few weeks away. Hopefully the weather will catch up with the calendar.

Castine Classic Yacht Race - Schooner Celebration



July 29 – 30, 2015

Low Cost Autopilot

Last year I finished building and testing a DIY autopilot built from Arduino microcontrollers. It steers our 48' schooner quite well. It uses a Raymarine electric motor, but another boat has used a gear operated quadrant motor and anotherboat uses a hydraulic steering system.  For a couple of hundred dollars you can build one, especially if You just want it to steer a course.

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