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The object of the Association is to foster, promote and encourage the enjoyment, traditions, and preservation of schooners by supporting individuals and organizations that are in sympathy with our object, by maintaining a record of these vessels past and present, and by coordinating a program of racing and cruising.


The American Schooner Association, founded in 1972, is a national organization whose members are owners of schooners, sailors and other individuals and organizations interested in preserving and promoting the virtues of the schooner rig. Membership is granted to all applicants in sympathy with the purposes of the Association. The Association produces a Newsletter titled Wing & Wing for all members and holds its annual meeting at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic, Connecticut, usually around the first week in February. Our membership is actively engaged in building, restoring and sailing these wonderful vessels. We encourage all individuals with similar interests to join us and help us grow (click here to join by mail or use our secure online payment system).

Gaff Sails For Sale


German Sailing Couple seeks Northeast Sailing

I received the following from a German couple who will be visiting the US this summer and are looking for an opportunity to sail.

Hope we can come up with some ideas!



Hi Sailors in the new England area

Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous

2015-10-23 20:15
2015-10-25 20:15

April 30, 2015 

Dear Captain, 

Funding Drive Launched for Schooner Mermaid; Baltimore

Hello Schooner Fans,

Our funding drive on IndieGoGo has begun!  Please take a peek at our story and share the word with your sailing and schooner buddies.  We look forward to moving this boat closer to launch with each step we take. Go to IndieGoGo.com and search "Schooner Mermaid" or use the URL below.

The smaller side of traditional sailing

Unlike most schooner folks I know, I grew up sailing small centerboard boats. The tippy kind. Capsizing was part of the game and appeal (unless, of course, it was late March, as my wife frequently reminds me).

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