River and lake bar crossings

The Forster Bar



It’s really never dull when you live on board a yacht – there is always something happening, a new yacht arriving, someone to meet, a new port, places to see and explore, changing weather patterns. Something different pretty much every day. Some days though things spring up which you don’t expect or really want and there are things to adapt to, things to manage and always things to learn.


Working our way up the coast

It’s March 14, Friday, and on Monday it will be two weeks since we left Balls Head Bay!

It was beginning to feel as if we had moved into Sydney, we had been there so long! But like most unexpected delays it was finally over and we were thrilled to be on our way again!

Moving on

In mid-December we were so excited to finally make it into the grand and iconic Sydney Harbour. It was amidst so much delight that we dropped anchor that first evening – we had achieved a significant milestone!

Eggshells, Witches, & Sailors

In the 1500′s, it was a common superstition that if you didn’t break up a eggshell after emptying it of the egg, a witch would snatch it up, use it as a boat, sail out to sea, and cast spells that would cause storms and sink ships! In the 1840′s the Irish who emigrated to America would break eggshells to keep the Irish Fairies who’d accompanied them to America from going home by eggshell boat.

The joy of living aboard

A lot has happened since my last post here, and I have gone on to update the situation, but then everything has changed and I have waited to update when things have become clearer!


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