The Trip 'Round Revillagigedo Island

It's been awhile since we've posted here -- much has happened and while we keep the Mahdee blog up-to-date I must admit we've been dismal correspondents here.  Let's see--after "North and More North," we made a nice trip into Ketchikan, Alaska.  We found Alaska chock-full of "empty" places to be.  Mooring balls in the middle of nowhere (thank you, United States Forest Service) and f

Will your anchor hold

A Night to Remember!


Mile stone

4000 Nautical Miles

Last week we reached a major milestone in our journey – we notched up 4000 Nautical miles since leaving Albany, WA over 3 years ago!


The day we first anchored out the front of the town of Airlie Beach we spotted a large black-hulled schooner anchored a little away from us.


Cruising in Coral

After more than three years on board Argos and sailing more than half way around Australia we have, over the last few weeks, been developing a whole new skill set - cruising around reefs!

Brisbane Australia

We always knew that sailing into Brisbane would represent a major milestone for us – another major city reached – but also a gateway then for some of the most fun sailing we hope to do, up and around the Great Barrier Reef.

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