Secretary’s Monthly Update Email - April

I’ve managed to get this second monthly member update email together, so I’m 2 for 2 and doing great. But then again, my boat Quintessence isn’t launched yet so self-congratulations may be a bit premature!

So here goes!

BOG Meeting

These days the Board of Governors meet via conference call. We will be having a call within the next couple of weeks. If there is anything you would like brought up at the meeting, please let me know.


A member notified me that they had received a “phishing” email with a specific reference to postings on Please let me know if you have received something like this:


it give me a great pleasure to write you after viewing your email and your post at ( which really interest me to have communication with you,i will be very happy if you can write me through my email for easiest communication,my email is ( i will be waiting to hear from you,have a blessed day.


And please be careful when you see an email coming from someone you don’t know!

Wing & Wing

Be on the lookout for the next issue of Wing & Wing, which will be coming out shortly. It is a jam packed issue; lots of good stuff!

While we are wrapping up the spring issue, we are looking toward the summer. Let us know of anything you think might be of interest to the community. Events, boat launchings, voyages great and small, interesting projects, boats in progress; these are all interesting subjects.

Boothbay Harbor 53rd Annual Windjammer Days

From our friends at Boothbay Harbor.

Greetings Captains and Friends of Windjammer Days:

It is time for our spring get together in Camden Maine. Wednesday April 29th at 5 PM at Cappy's on Maine Street.

We hope to see you there.

Smooth sailing,

Capt. Pete Ripley

President, Friends of Windjammer Days

For more information take a look at and

Classic Castine Yacht Race/Schooner Celebration

In case you missed the earlier announcement, the association is co-sponsoring, along with the Castine Yacht Club and Mystic Seaport, the Schooner Celebration being held just prior to the Classic Castine Yacht Race. For more information take a look at It is shaping up to be a great event.

American Schooner Association Block Island Schooner Rendezvous

Even though the rendezvous isn’t until August 31st, it isn’t too early to start thinking about it! Put it on your calendar now. Remember, the Rendezvous is open to all schooners and all member boats, regardless of type of boat.

Details at

Have you seen these latest posts on

The America's Schooner Cup Charity Regatta

31st Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival

2015 Camden Windjammer Festival

Gulf of Maine Chapter Officer Elections

Be sure to check them out!

Odd and Ends

There are a lot of web sites I like to keep an eye on, but when life is busy, I don’t always think to check to see what has been posted. I’ve always wished there was a way I could be notified when something new has been posted.

Well there is. It’s called RSS, an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication.” Essentially, RSS is a notification process that lets you know that a new “something” is available to read. What is that something? It is a new posting on any web site to which you subscribe. It could be, for example, a new blog item on the Association web site. It could be a new article posted on Practical Sailor’s blog site.

It is your own personal web notification service.

All you need to access these feeds is an RSS reader. Sounds complicated but it isn’t. You can connect one to your browser. I use the Google Chrome browser and all I had to do was download its RSS reader and install it, a task of only a few moments. Now whenever I start Chrome, there is a little box in the upper right corner telling me if there are new articles available on the sites to which I’ve subscribed. Clicking it opens up a list of sites and articles and allows me to navigate directly to them.

The RSS reader also tells me whether a site I am looking at is a site to which I can subscribe. All I have to do is click to add the feed to my library.

Not all sites provide RSS feeds, but many do. You have already seen them, but probably just didn’t realize what you were seeing. There are little icons like “RSS” or “XML” on web pages that let you know they have an available RSS feed. If you see one, all you need do is click on the reader in your browser and add it. Simple as that.

Very cool stuff.

Now I don’t have to stumble around looking for things. They get delivered to my “doorstep” so to speak.

So do a quick google search on setting up an RSS reader for whatever browser you like to use. Take a few minutes and set it up. Then browse to and add it to your feed subscription! You’ll never miss another posting.


See you next month (unless I happen to be too busy sailing).

Fair winds!