The smaller side of traditional sailing

Unlike most schooner folks I know, I grew up sailing small centerboard boats. The tippy kind. Capsizing was part of the game and appeal (unless, of course, it was late March, as my wife frequently reminds me).

I have many friends, quite a few of whom regularly sail with me aboard Quintessence, who own small traditional sailing craft. We are all members of the Traditional Small Craft Association (

I enjoy the opportunity to chuck the keel and ballast, grab the tiller and join my friends on their daysailors. And these guys are a hardy bunch. A longstanding tradition is a New Years Day sail on the Chesapeake. In open boats.

My good friend Mike Wick (my right hand guy for almost all of my runs down the Chesapeake during the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race) just got back from a pretty cool trip. No pun intended Mike.

Here is Mike's write up. It is a good read. Enjoy.