Annual Meeting Costs- Discussion for the Meeting

Lunch History

Just to add to Peter's history:

I attended my first ASA meeting in 1992.  At that time the meetings were in the Youth Training building.  The Officers would bring in coffee and donuts (paid from the treasury).  There was a business meeting, a speaker and then we adjourned to a local restaurant for lunch (pay as you go).  Later when there were more attendees, there was a catered lunch at the YTB and orders were taken and payment from those who wanted the lunch was collected.  I know because I was Treasurer then!  When the Seaport decided to not heat that building we moved to a small room upstairs at the then “Seamen’s Inn” the treasury paid to bring in coffee and pastries and after the meeting adjourned we moved downstairs to the restaurant and everyone ordered their own lunch.  When the Inn restaurant closed it transitioned to the pattern described by Peter above.