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Schooner Shearwater is for sale | American Schooner Association

Schooner Shearwater is for sale

A delightful little schooner, 'Shearwater' is a wonderful specimen of a boat-type which is sadly lacking in much of American waters; a reasonably-sized, truly comfortable and stylish traditionally styled yacht. A special blending of the innovative designs of Phil Bolger, plus the rock-solid schooner building experience of the A.D. Story Shipyard of Essex, MA (Builder of a large proportion of the Gloucester Grand Banks Schooner Fleet of story and song!),'Shearwater' represents what so many have longed for; a ship with all the gaff-rigged saltiness that a schooner provides, but in a size that is easily manageable by the modern family. In excellent condition, and now tucked up for the Winter at the famous Crocker Shipyard in Manchester, 'Shearwater' awaits your inspection! Please have a look at the attached photos and full specifications, and see if you are ready to join the ranks of the true mariners of the New England Coast!

Builder: A.D. Story Shipyard Designer: Phil Bolger

LOA: 39' 5"' LWL: 37' Beam: 10'
Displacement: 14 Tons Draft: 3' 9"

Engine(s): Yanmar Engine(s) HP: 27HP Engine Model: 3GM
Cruising Speed: 6.5 Kts Max Speed: 7.5 Kts

Fuel: 30 Gal Water: 30 Gal Holding: Yes

From Forward: Forepeak with V-berth for two, plus athwartships pipecot for one (especially good for keeping an eye on a youngster at night) with it's own hatch to the foredeck for ventilation and headroom. Main salon with two settee berths, plus one pipecot on the starboard side. Navstation is positioned fwd of the portside settee. Aft of the salon area is a separate galley area immediately below the companionway with full standing headroom, with the enclosed head (also with full standing headroom) on the starboard side. The galley area is ideal for getting off that wet foul-weather gear without soaking the salon and berthing areas!

Origo two-burner alcohol stove, plus Shipmate solid fuel stove for heating, baking and general comfort. Again, when coming below in the soaking rain, it is really nice to have the Shipmate going to dry off your foul weather gear, heat a cup of tea, bake the biscuits and generally keep the ship dry and wholesome below! Single SS sink with footpump fpr freshwater, icebox and plenty of storage for dishes, dry-goods, etc.

Furuno GP31 GPS, Raytheon R20X Radar, Uniden VHF, Standard horizon depthsounder, handheld Garmin 176C Chartplotter, Danforth Constellation Compass, Brass clock & Barometer.

2 x 12 Volt battery ship system with battery isolator

Bronze-fastened mahogany planks on double-sawn oak frames, floors and deadwood; marine ply deck with fibergass over (from new), mahogany cockpit coamings, cabin sole in planked fir. Cockpit with bridge deck, wheel steering (worm gear), lazarette and cockpit lockers. Cockpit sole lifts up for full engine access. Cabin porlights of lexan, using the traditional angled clamping design for full ventilation even in rain. Traditional butterfly hatch over the salon area, plus separate hatch for forepeak. Seawolf manual windlass w/chain/rope gypsy. Anchors: folding yachtsman, 22 Lbs Danforth, 200' chain, 200' rope rodes. 2 electric bilge pumps, one whale gusher manual pump, lazy jacks (both masts), canopy and dodger (2000), sail covers. Ring & Horseshoe buoys, flares, and man overboard pole. 10' Inflatable dinghy and Nissan 5HP 4-stroke OB.

SAILS: fore, main and drifter 2004 by Roy Dowes, Jib on Furlex roller furler (1998). Original main, fore, and storm jib by Yardarm. Boom gallows for main boom.

SPARS: Masts of hollow/glued construction, boom and gaffbooms also hollow/glued spruce.

RIG: 'Bald-headed' gaff schooner rig (no topmasts). Gaff-rigged fore and main, single jib with provision for stormsail/staysail on removable babystay. Both main and fore equipped with lazy jacks. All rigging in stainless steel wire, with hull-bolted bronze chainplates. No backstays running or fixed.

Phil Bolger design with sail plan by Ratsey. Two owners with current owners since 1997, have sailed from Maine to Cape Cod. While this is a shoal-drafted hull, the hollow bows allow the boat to point very high (riding its' own bow-wave). Very fast off the wind, 'Shearwater' has beaten many a larger schooner in the Gloucester schooner races. An ideal design for the Chesapeake! Please go to www.yachtworld.com/aib for more information plus photos!

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Shearwater's for sale on Ebay!

Looks like Shearwater was donated. She's for sale by Block Island Maritime Funding. Just follow their link to eBay. www.blockislandmaritime.com/

I've been aboard her and she is beautiful and very well maintained. A lucky somebody is going to get a great deal. And support some good non-profits!

Wish I'd been saving my pennies!


And Shearwater is fast!

In the 2006 SS Crocker Memorial Race, with 59 boats, including many hot ones, Shearwater was first in the entire fleet. I've had many a long look at her beautiful transom. Just hope that the lucky somebody keeps her in Manchester, MA. There are only two of us schooners left in this harbor.


Hi, is she still for sale? I can't seem to find her on ebay or yachtworld. If she is, could you please send me some more pictures...and a price tag.



Shearwater is in San Diego

Hi, all,

I just heard from our surveyor that the schooner Shearwater made it to San Diego two weeks ago and went in the water last week. He saw her before and after she made it into the water. Sorry, I don't recall who bought her, but she's found a new home here on the west coast.

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Send news of Shearwater

Back here in Manchester, Mass Shearwater and Green Dragon were the only remaining schooners amongst hundreds of sailboats. Oh Lonesome Me.

Like to know what's going on with my old pal. Has the US Navy acquired her for patrol duty? Can someone get a photo up on the website showing her with palm trees and suitably-attired crew sipping margaritas?

Shearwater is Delightful

Yes, Shearwater is here in San Diego. She arrived over the road from Mass. back in March and has been sailing since then. It has taken me sometime to get her all sorted out and I am now looking forward to some racing in the future. She does seem to be quite fast but I am trying to keep that quiet around here for at least a race or two. My old Rozinante was a bit of a sleeper in the wooden boat races here and Shearwater has a very similar hollow bow. I'd love to post a photo of her sailing here but my daft computer skills won't allow me to do so. I also don't think she will in SD forever. I look forward to getting her up to San Fransisco for the Master Mariner's race and perhaps sometime in the future back on the East coast again. I've sailed through New England before and would like much more of that as my business allows. If anyone can give hints to posting the photos I'll get some up - palm trees and margaritas included.

Great to hear from Shearwater

That's very welcome news that Shearwater is in good hands. Some of us were truly worried about her. For years we were neighbors at Crocker's Boat yard, and closely-matched rivals in the Gloucester Schooner Race. So much so, that it became a joke around the boat yard that whatever upgrade one of us made, the other was sure to follow. I've sailed in company with her a lot and sailed in her some as well.

To post a photo, first make it small, which I do by emailing it to myself. You can not put a photo in a comment but you can do it in the original posting. Click on "More information about formatting options" and I think it shows you how to import and attach it. To put it in your text, do this . It won't show up in the preview but will when you post.

Let us know where you are in SD so we can see Shearwater amongst the palms when we get to the left coast. And join us at the meeting in Mystic if you are able.

Shearwater in New York!

Looks like Shearwater made it to New York, as a tourist boat. Rode on her today and was quite wonderful, so worry not those who are close to her. They are taking good care of her.

Website: http://shearwatersailing.com

Pictures: http://shearwatersailing.com/pictures.html


...a different Shearwater

from the one in this thread.
Alex Rhinelander
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