Alden parts/hardware available

A sad story, but a great opportunity. As Steve said to me, let's not let WIND SONG end up as decorations in a Red Lobster!

to whom it may help

I have had the pleasure of owning J Aldens 1955 Wind Song #903 for the past twenty five years. Im sorry to report that she dropped her six ton keel in her slip and has been written off as a total lost, or a refit that would cost over $500,000. I do not have that sum. I do however still have the boat and will part with the new (800 hrs) Yanmar 88hp diesel, her two 10 year old mast and all hardware found on a 50 ft original Alden. (merrimans) If any of your members are in need of parts, please have them email me at willie273 at She falls to a chainsaw soon.


steve krieg

sorry to hear that

Where is she located? I need a few items for Saltwind.

Old large Galley table from a Alden Schooner

Hi, I have an old galley table from a schooner. I am on Guemes Island, Washington, between Bellingham and Seattle. Email me and I will send pictures if you are interested.




i would be grateful if the table is still available if you could email dimensions. I have similar design schooner to Alden so the table may fit perfectly (Nimphius shooner)

brian leaker

boat is gone now

Got the message from the owner on Dec 20 2011, that this boat has been donated and the parts are no longer available.