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Try using Internet Exporer, for some reason Chrome does not show or allow use of the comment box.  Members have submitted correspondences to the boar of governors to attend to the website issues.

Don't give up the ship

Windage - as Blackbird says you might be able to post by taking a step backwards to Explorer.  We are anxious for your waterfront report from Delaware (or wherever you are.)
As for this "new" business ... in the words of Ogden Nash ... "Progress may have been alright once, but it has gone on too long."

correction on the phone number: 978 942 0660

A crew is to assemble somewhere in Gloucester on Sunday so that the Sugarbabe gets her sails bent on. Hopefully weather will hold the rain out of the region. 
In case members dont know yet the Waterways Board of Gloucester has a new Waterways launch service started.  I believe its a $3/head each way.  The Gloucester Daily Times said that one can contact the launch named Gloucesterman on Ch. 72 or by phone at 978 9420660. Its a new fiberglass vessel with a capacity of 20+ passengers.  Cool