ASA member's house underway

Check out ASA members Brett and Max Ramsey's house on the move from winter quarters.    Now, when you are eastbound on Rt. 128 it is the first house on the right in Gloucester.  It is also headquarters for the Gloucester Schooner Festival high speed intercept hospitality boat.



Al- Whats the tax consequence of moving one's house onto the water.  You've got me thinking.  What a great way to live.  You could tie your schooner up next to the front porch.  I see huge possibilities on this one. We need to talk over a pint.  Maybe we could get a couple folks together and build a floating communal retirement condo on the Sasafrass River and tie our schooners up to it when we stop in for a rest.  I'm looking to buy a cute little fan tail launch and that would make a great commuter to the shore, where we could all share a car like the 69 vette for getting groceries and various other sundries.  What an idea!