46' Rosborough Schooner Brig "Megan D"

I just purchased the Megan D and will begin a total restoration. It will be in Swantown Marina in Olympia Washington repair yard for re-planking and bottom work.

This is The Rosborough design of "Distant Star" with modifications as ordered by the Dorman family.

Any information, advice, comments, etc that anyone knows about this little ship would be greatly appreciated.

This is my 3rd re-planking project, so I know what effort it will undertake.

I will be doing the following.

1. Re-planking at least from the waterline up
2. Finishing out the interior
3. Replacing the main For-mast
4. Updating all wiring, pluming and electronics
5. Possible replacement of fuel and water tanks

Fair winds to all


Planking Stock

Rob- if you don't have your planking stock lined up and are buying a lot, you may consider Ross Gannon who has very broad and long lenths of both angellique and wana.  We did our garboards in angellique and they have a lot of twist, the planks went in without a complaint.