Gloucester Schooner Race photos and results


Tillicum 1, Bald Eagle, American Eagle and Perception awaiting the start.  It was a short race in very light air.  Although the plan called for a reach-reach course, a wind change put us on the wind to the first mark, then a glorious, albeit slow wing-and-wing run to the finish. 

American Eagle was first in a fleet of five large (>80 ft) schooners, winning the Esperanto trophy for the tenth time.  Adventure, returning after twenty years was second. 

Heidi and Russ Mead's Tillicum 1, from Victoria, BC, was first in the small (<45 ft) schooner class and made it around the course with the fastest actual time in the entire fleet.

Tyrone, first  in the medium (45-80 ft) class.  It was a very close race with Adirondack III, Brilliant, Light Reign and Perception.

Perception with Adventure

Adirondack III (ex-Imagine!) with Brilliant.  Imagine! set a course record in the 127 mile GCBSR of 12:57:51 in 2005.  In 1933 Brilliant made a record crossing of 15d 1h 23m from Nantucket Lightship to Bishop Rock Light in England.

Elapsed time

1:54:34 Tillicum 1 (S-1)

1:58:47 Tyrone (M-1)

1:59:38 Brilliant (M-2)

2:00:40 American Eagle (L-1)

2:01:15 Adirondack III (M-3)

2:02:33 Light Reign (M-4)

2:03:00 Perception (M-5)

2:04:22 Adventure (L-2)

2:04:56 Virginia (L-3)

2:07:29 Thomas E Lannon (M-6)

2:07:36 Green Dragon (S-2)

2:14:47 Roseway (L-4)

2:24:05 Humble (S-3)

2:28:59 Sugar Babe (S-4)

2:33:00 Bald Eagle (S-5)

2:35:15 Ardelle (M-7)

2:36:12 Liberty Clipper (L-5)

DNF Lewis H Story

DNS Fame

DNS Morning Light

DNS Estrela

DNS Irena

Tillicum 1 (Victoria BC, CANADA) rests at anchor in the background after her victory over sixteen American schooners.

Photos from Green Dragon

Al Bezanson



Thanks Al-Great Photos

An uncharacteristically light day for the race- hope the breeze picked up-great pictures!


Tyrone over Brilliant-that's quite a feat!  Good Sailing Matt!

Tyrone race photos

These photos are courtesy of Kathy Chapman, a professional photographer who sailed on Tyrone in the Gloucester Schooner Race



Len Burgess race photos

Len Burgess captured some excellent photos of the Gloucester Schooner Race from Ardelle


Thanks for sharing the link to the photos by Kathy Chapman

Great detail of  Schooner Tyrone in those pics!