ASA Schooners

The Registry of Schooners

A continued work in process, the Registry of Schooners is an online publication of the ASA containing listings of the schooners of North America. 

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Members' Schooner Pages

Members are encouraged to share information on their vessels and restoration projects.

For a general guideline on how to structure your contributions, see the 'Blackbird', 'Comet II' or 'Heron' pages that are already online. They include a general information page on the vessel itself, then detail pages on more specific sub-topics. Directions for how to create and re-arrange pages are included on the submission page (follow link below).

Note: You must be an paid-up ASA member to contribute to this section. If you are an ASA member who has just registered with this website we may not yet have updated your account. Please send a message to and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Please be aware that we are a volunteer-staffed organization, however, and it may take some time. Thanks for your patience.

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